Among a variety of medical wellness options, East West Physicians offers Scar Revision Surgery in Coconut Creek. This is due to life’s ironies, such as people spending time and money applying makeup to appear as a zombie or vampire victim for Halloween, when so many others would much prefer the opportunity to make their scars disappear. Even more surprising, between carving pumpkins and turkeys, hanging up holiday lights from a slippery ladder, or getting too close to the exploding fireworks while ringing in the New Year, these times of close bonding and celebrations are often responsible for more injuries (and, therefore, scars) than any other time on the calendar. Yet we yearn for those opportunities like few other times throughout the year.

Of course, come next All Hallows Eve, or into the late autumn and winter months (even in Coconut Creek), you can always cover up and distract everyone from any such areas of self-consciousness. The question is, do you want to? Or would you like to be free from the worry of whether your skin is covered up enough?

People of all ages walk around leading perfectly “normal” lives, while not feeling at all normal. And feeling different, almost especially if the injury that produced the scar in question occurred during childhood or as the result of some traumatic event, can lead to anxiety, embarrassment, depression, and even worse. If this is you, maybe the gift to yourself this year is a step towards leaving your physical (and even emotional) scars in your past, by calling East West Physicians of Coconut Creek.

It does not have to be something so blatant as a mark across your face, although we can certainly help with that too. Even the smallest scars in the most isolated of places have a way of intruding on your feelings of self-worth. Have you ever thought that you could lose that daily reminder of a traumatic accident or whatever happened in the past? Have you ever imagined going through an entire day, or week, or more, without ever seeing that constant reminder? Isn’t it time you healed thoroughly? Entirely? Isn’t it time you looked in the mirror and saw…you?

Repairing an existing scar has the added benefit of not just improving appearances, it can restore function to that area of your face or body. Scars can prevent us from moving, be it in the face or other limbs or extremities, or at least hinder a full range of motion. East West Physicians of Coconut Creek understands how your muscles and skin work together. Their goal in every procedure is to improve your form, but also to restore any function lost.

Imagine waking up the morning before, of, or after a holiday, to a face and body you recognize and are excited to show the world? That is the gift East West Physicians wants to help you give yourself.

It is important to remember that scar revision doesn’t erase a scar, but rather it helps make the scar less noticeable and “more acceptable.” While both surgical and non-surgical methods can be used for revising a scar, many patients reach out to us after having tried scar reduction products with few positive results. And East West Physicians of Coconut Creek are committed to minimizing any post-operative complications.

Of course, Scar Revision Surgery in Coconut Creek is not the only bit of self-improvement with which East West Physicians can assist you before or after the holidays. From Hair Restoration and Brazilian Butt Lifts to Liposuction, Botox, Chemical Peels, and a full menu of procedures, we want to swap any anxiety and fear you may have with the gift of happiness and self-confidence.

If living with a scar prevents you from participating and enjoying social opportunities like dressing up for the holidays, scar revision surgery from East West Physicians can quite literally change your life. 

To learn more about scar revision or to book your consultation appointment, give us a call today at (954) 475-6875. We promise no tricks, only treats.

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