With all of the different kinds of skin treatments out there, it can be difficult to keep up with them all. You have facials, laser treatments, micro-needling, and more. Among all of these treatments, one that has stood out to many is the chemical peel. A chemical peel is a form of exfoliation that has been known to remove dead skin cells from the skin with a chemical solution. Not only is this great for hydrating the skin and unclogging pores, but it is also only a 30-minute procedure making it quick and easy for anyone to get done. After you get the treatment, you can expect your skin to peel for a few days; however, after the peeling, your complexion will be glowing. Here at East West Physicians, we offer a chemical peel treatment that will leave your skin feeling as good as new. While you can most definitely expect a glowing complexion post peeling, there are many other amazing benefits that we are sure you’ll love.

Helps Clear Acne

Acne is something many people struggle with at one point in their life. Whether it’s during puberty when people commonly struggle with skin issues, or during early adulthood. Either way, no one enjoys acne. Not only is it hard to hide, but it also can take a toll on someone’s self-esteem. If all the facial cleansers out there are not working; it may be time to try something new. Chemical peels are a great way to assist in clearing up acne. After the peel, you will begin to peel for a few days. This peeling will strip your skin of any dead skin cells and help clean out your pores. Trust us when we say your skin will thank you. Sometimes it isn’t that you have acne from hormones or genetics; your skin just needs a little reset.

Encourages a Glowing Complexion

Everyone is after that glowing, yet natural-looking skin looks these days. But no one tells you it’s harder to achieve than it looks. However, with a chemical peel, you may find that the glowing skin you have always wanted is more achievable than you think. Chemical peels essentially reset your skin and force the exterior layer to peel off. This peeling will get rid of any dirt or dead skin that has been sitting on your face for months. Underneath the peeling will be a brand new complexion. This complexion will be made up of healthy new skin cells that have not had the chance to be tainted. It’s a whole lot easier to maintain a clear and healthy complexion when starting anew than to work on top of build-up. A chemical peel will allow you to maintain that new glowing complexion with ease.

Helps with Blemishes and Texture

Even if you don’t struggle with acne, you probably have a dark mark, scar, or sun damage somewhere on your skin that you’d like to get rid of, even if it’s barely noticeable. A chemical peel can help reduce the appearance of all the above. And the best part is that the more you get the chemical peels done, the more and more the marks will fade. Over time you truly could get rid of any scarring, dark marks, and sun-damaged areas. Because of the peeling promoting new skin growth you are essentially throwing out the old and welcoming in the new. The new skin is replacing the old, and the more you have new skin growth, the more the old skin will shed, resulting in a blemish-free appearance.

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Do you have any marks on your skin you want to get rid of? If so, a chemical peel can no doubt help you. Chemical peels are the best way to get rid of any facial imperfection you may have. The old skin will eventually be a thing of the past, and your new skin will be glowing and radiant. All it takes to achieve this glowing skin is a 30-minute appointment followed by a few days of skin peeling. It’s as easy as that. There are no significant interruptions to your life and little to no downtime. Think a chemical peel treatment could benefit you? Give us a call today at (954) 475-6875 to learn more or to book your appointment.

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