There is no “Stop” sign for the aging process. That said, there are several detours you can take to ensure your journey at least has a better view. That is where HRT – Hormone Replacement Therapy by the East West Physicians in Coconut Creek comes in.

Hormone changes are different for women than they are for men, but it does still happen to both and everyone has access to treatment, provided they are being honest with their doctors about the symptoms and how it is impacting their life. It is an important goal of East West Physicians to create a safe environment where you feel compelled to be completely forthright about what is happening to you and what help you need. To that end, let us discuss what everyone is experiencing, so no one feels it is only happening to them.

  1. Menopause – Most women spend a great deal of time looking forward to their period stopping. There is a lot more to it, however. In the years before and after menopause, the levels of female hormones can go up and down, sometimes drastically. This can induce everything from hot flashes to night sweats to vaginal dryness and pain during sex. For some women, the symptoms are mild and may even go away on their own. For others, there’s HRT – Hormone Replacement Therapy in Coconut Creek…also known as “menopausal hormone therapy.” This treatment can relieve the symptoms of menopause, and even protect against osteoporosis. However, it is not for everyone.

You should not use HRT if you are having problems with vaginal bleeding or think you might be pregnant, have had certain kinds of cancers or a heart attack or stroke, or have had blood clots or liver disease. Taking HRT has some risks. For some women, hormone therapy can increase their chances of getting breast cancer or gallbladder disease. Some types of HRT have a higher risk, and each woman’s own risk can vary, depending on her medical history and lifestyle. But there are different types of HRT, some having only one hormone or two. And the variety of delivery is as different as the women taking them: Pills, creams, lotions, or injections. East West Physicians are here to provide you with the individual technique designed to reclaim your specific balance.

  1. Andropause – It is not unusual for a man to see a decline in internal hormone manufacturing either, usually in his forties or fifties. Men experiencing andropause often called “male menopause,” may encounter symptoms such as erectile dysfunction, night sweats, low sex drive, excess weight gain, increase in breast tissue, hair loss, fatigue, and more…often including an internal impact to his self-worth. While hormone changes are a natural part of aging, no one wants to feel that they are in any way somehow less of a person, less of a “man,” than they used to be.

A man’s testosterone levels decline, on average, about 1% a year after the age of 40. That said, most older men still have testosterone levels within what is considered normal range, with only an estimated 10-25% having levels considered to be “low.” But the recommendations for testosterone therapy for men with age-related low testosterone levels vary a good deal. The American College of Physicians in 2020 recommended men try testosterone treatment as a possible help with sexual dysfunction, while the Endocrine Society recommended testosterone therapy in 2018 for men with age-related low testosterone. In other words, the experts are catching up.

While many doctors think the mere act of injecting testosterone to be addressing the issue, East West Physicians are determined to dig deeper to find the underlying reason for your symptoms, male or female. Hormone replacement therapy in Coconut Creek includes a complete examination of you physically, as well as an exam of your history and your habits. The remedy is custom determined for you specifically, to bring you back to that place where you felt level and in control. There may be a requirement for additional booster injections, but those will be brief and occasional.

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