Let’s face it, hair loss and thinning hair can make you feel old, bring you down and mess with your self-confidence. It’s all in all not a great situation to find yourself in. Hair restoration treatments in the past have had little success or just looked too unnatural…until now. So many men and women experience hair loss due to aging, alopecia, chemotherapy or just simply genetic factors. But that doesn’t mean you have to live with thinning hair for the rest of your life! In fact, your thick mane of hair can be restored with this simple, natural treatment named, the Platelet Rich Plasma System (PRP). Offered at East West Physicians, a medical wellness boutique, PRP Hair Restoration is essentially a holistic, non-invasive treatment that makes use of your own rich plasma platelets to stimulate hair growth. This amazing hair restoration system utilizes the power of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) to increase hair growth and hair density.

How Does PRP Work?

PRP originates from the patient’s own blood. It allows for prolonged release of platelet growth in the scalp which stimulates stem cells, prolongs dermal papillae cell survival, and increases angiogenesis. These elements come together to prolong the anagen phase of hair growth and shorten the catagen (resting) phase. The result is remarkable. Your hair has increased in thickness and follicle survival. Studies show that PRP has been used safely and effectively in hundreds of thousands of patients worldwide.

What are some of the things you should know about the PRP Hair Restoration Treatment?

•            How long will the treatment take? You will most likely need a few sessions to see results. Typical treatment consists of three monthly visits followed by maintenance treatments at six-month intervals.

•            Is there any pain? Pain is minimal and at East West Physicians our goal is to make you as comfortable as possible with each treatment.

•            Who is the best candidate for PRP Hair Restoration in South Florida? The best candidates for PRP restoration are those that have thinning hair and are not totally bald. Hair follicles need to be present as the treatment works best by stimulating hair follicles.

•            Is there any down time? Down time is minimal but you should rest after each treatment.

•            What post-care is involved after the PRP treatment? Gentle care needs to be taken when washing your hair and rubbing your head should be avoided altogether for 72 hours.

•            When will I see results? Results vary from person to person but you can expect to see results within three to six months after the initial series of treatments. Some may need a second series to see optimal results.

If you’re interested in trying the PRP Hair Restoration treatment in South Florida, or just want to find out more about it to see if it might be right for you, reach out to the aesthetics and medical team at East West Physicians. We will be happy to answer all of your questions and arrange for a free consultation. Your hair is what makes you unique. The loss of it can be devastating. Let us return your hair to its former thick and shiny glory. Call us now for a free consultation at (954) 255-9355 and to see if Platelet Rich Plasma Hair Restoration (PRP), is right for you.

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