Wouldn’t it be great if you could increase your energy without resorting to caffeine or sugar and burn fat to maximize your ability to lose weight with just a series of safe and simple injections? Actually, you can – with lipotropic and vitamin B12 injections.

Lipotropic nutrients are a class of compounds that affect the body’s use of fat. They enhance the ability of your liver and gallbladder to speed up the metabolism of fat and its removal—along with toxins from your body. When combined with vitamin B12 in the form of injections containing amino acids and enzymes, they deliver fat-burning benefits that can help your body safely lose excess weight.

Some of the key amino acids used to make lipotropic nutrients include:

  • Choline, which metabolizes fat and detoxifies amines that are the byproducts of protein metabolism
  • Inositol, which, combined with choline, promotes healthy liver function
  • Methionine, which works with choline to detoxify amines and aids in the reduction of liver fat and the protection of the kidneys
  • Vitamin B12, which is essential in the formation of new, healthy cells and boosting energy levels
  • L-Carnitine, which boosts energy by stimulating your body’s metabolism of fat and triglycerides

In addition to boosting energy and providing co-enzymes required for the proper metabolism of fats, carbs, and proteins, the various ingredients in lipotropic injections are known to:

  • Improve mood and accelerate the thought process
  • Aid cell and brain function
  • Help control cholesterol and detoxify amines
  • Help preserve healthy skin tone and strong nails
  • Promote healthy hair growth
  • Help control estrogen levels
  • Transform carbohydrates into energy
  • Minimize unwanted water gain
  • Prevent the buildup of excess fat in the liver

While vitamin B12 lipotropic injections can aid dieting efforts, they are not a quick fix. The injections need to be combined with a healthy diet and exercise program in order for you to realize true weight loss benefits.

Before you can receive lipotropic injections, you must have an initial visit with a medical professional to assess your individual needs. Once you are approved for this therapy, you can receive your vitamin B12 lipotropic injections as often as twice per week. Many patients experience an increase in their energy level and stamina within a few days of receiving their B12 lipotropic injections. However, results may vary with each individual.

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