Lipotropic, commonly confused with liposuction, is an injection offered at East West Physicians, located in Coconut Creek, Florida. This injection has recently gained popularity and is widely used to help with weight loss. The injection itself is often referred to as the Vitamin B12 injection; however, the two are very different. It is crucial to keep in mind that B12 is involved in the lipotropic injection, just not in the way you may think. So what exactly does lipotropic assist with, and how? What’s the excitement all about? Here at East West Physicians, we have all of the answers you need. If you have been considering giving your body a little boost, then keep reading. 

How Does it Enhance Weight Loss?

The lipotropic injections main ingredient is the lipotropic nutrient. Over the years, this nutrient has been shown to help people on their journey to weight loss. Many people even get the injections to help maintain their current weight and figure. While there are not tons of science done on the correlation between lipotropic and weight loss, many patients report that it has assisted them in reaching their goals. The weight loss theory works like this. The lipotropic nutrients have been proven to help vital organs function, such as the liver. The liver plays a huge role in weight loss, being the organ that metabolizes the fat while removing cholesterol from the bloodstream at the same time—both things that are great for health and weight loss. So the lipotropic enhances this and promotes this function in the liver. But that’s not all. There are also reports of the liver being able to help with mental health. Some people find that these injections have led to an improvement in depression and anxiety symptoms and feelings.

Where Does the B12 Come In?

You may be wondering where the B12 confusion comes in and how the vitamin is even involved. Well, B12 also plays a role in weight loss that is similar but not centered on just the liver. B12 instead helps with the entire body’s general functioning and health. Many people have reported seeing their metabolism speed up with the help of B12. So in the injection, the lipotropic and B12 are a dynamic duo that helps with weight loss by improving the overall function of the body. This improvement in function helps with the body’s natural movements that are imperative for weight loss, such as nutrient absorption and metabolism speed.

Why an Injection?

A common question we get asked is why does lipotropic need to be administered in an injection if it is mainly a bunch of vitamins and nutrients. It does not need to be an injection. We also offer this injection cocktail in a pill form. For those who are not into shots and would rather avoid needles, this pill is for you. The one downside with the pill is that it may not be as effective due to it having to pass through the digestive process. This process can sometimes make pills only half as effective, if not less, depending on your body. To truly reap all of the benefits of the lipotropic and B12, we recommend getting the injection. The injection delivers all of the vitamins right into your body without any obstacles, guaranteeing you reap all of the benefits. You won’t have to worry if it is working or not when you know it is genuinely passing through your body the right way. Trust us when we say your body will thank you for going with the injection over the pill.

Are you currently on a weight loss journey and could use a little boost? If so, trying out the lipotropic injection with B12 could be just the boost you need. While you cannot rely on this injection to do the job for you, you may find it to be that little push in the right direction. Sometimes we just need some extra motivation, and getting this injection could be that motivation for you. To learn more about the lipotropic shot, or to book an appointment, give us a call today at (954) 475-6875.

We are looking forward to helping you with your weight loss journey!

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