From children to the elderly, everyone has a couple of scars. Whether these scars are from surgery or a simple cut, we all have at least 1. Some of us are more comfortable with these scars than others, but those who are tired of seeing theirs have probably tried many of the scar reduction products. These products boast about being able to lighten the scar and, over time, reduce the appearance of it. While this sounds great and all, many of these products do not work, and when they do work, it’s only on those small scars that people overlook.

To get rid of the larger scars, you need to try something different and more efficient, something like scar revision. Here at East West Physicians, we offer our scar revision procedure to those who have scars they have wanted to get rid of.

The Consultation

If you have a few scars that you have wanted to get rid of, then look no further than East-West Physicians. Our team is knowledgeable about scar removal and will be able to determine the best course of action for you at the consultation. Each scar is different and may require a different approach during the procedure, which is why the consultation is so important. This consultation will also serve as an excellent time for you to learn more about the process and if it is something you still want to go through. Our doctors will be able to answer any questions you may have and ease your mind about any concerns. We also will check your medical history to make sure you will be safe going through this procedure. The ideal candidate for this kind of procedure is one that is in relatively good health, does not smoke, and does not have any blemishes in the area being treated. While this may seem like a hefty list, we want to make sure you are safe as your safety is our top priority.

The Scars

Many people just know scars as the word itself; however, there are a few different types of scars. All of which are team can operate on. 

The first kind is hypertrophic scars, which are those that are raised and are either darker than the skin or lighter than the skin. These kinds of scars tend to grow over time, making other blemishes in the surrounding area more noticeable. 

The next type of scarring is called keloids. These scars are commonly confused for moles or other growths, but they are just scars. This type is the one that is usually more painful for patients. 

The last kind is called the contracture scar. These scars usually form because of some sort of injury and are the kind that has been known to reduce the range of motion. This surgery has been beneficial for those who primarily suffer from this type of scar.

The Procedure

Our scar revision surgery will dramatically reduce the appearance of the scars, making them more difficult for others to see. You may not even notice it so much after the procedure is complete. This procedure also helps those who have lost range of motion due to scarring. By reducing the size of the scar, we can help restore some range of motion in the area. This is another reason many people choose to undergo this procedure regardless of the appearance of the scar. While this surgery is not one that will make your scars vanish, it will make them a lot less visible and hide the presence of them. We know you will love the results and will see a significant improvement in how noticeable the scar is.

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If you have any scars that have made you lose self-confidence, have caused you pain, or discomfort, then scar revision is the procedure for you. This procedure, although it will not get rid of the scar completely, it will dramatically reduce the appearance of your scars and even assist in range of motion and pain. 

To learn more about scar revision or to book your consultation appointment, give us a call today at (954) 475-6875.

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