Chemical Peels

Chemical peels restore wrinkled, blemished, or uneven skin pigmentations. Chemical peels use different chemical solutions to remove the damaged outer layers of the skin to improve exposure, pigmentation, fine lines/wrinkles, and improve the look of your overall skin. Chemical peels range from light to deep, to moderate in intensity and depth. Light peels can be used in conjunction with other treatments with little to no downtime. Mild to moderate chemical peels have lower downtime and are usually performed as a standalone facial or service. Our skin experts will review your goals to design the perfect healing regiment for your needs.

Facial Peels

+What to expect?
Immediately after the procedure, you should expect to feel a tingly, borderline stinging sensation on your face. This is due to the mildly abrasive effect that acid has on your skin. The Chemical Peels process is not a one-and-done procedure. Often you will need to come in for repeat checkups to ensure you are responding well to the acid and if so, to lay down some acid again to better stimulate the skin growth.

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