Hormone Balancing (Male)

Male hormone decline happens extra progressively than feminine hormone decline however can nonetheless create critical imbalances throughout the frame. Maximum males start to revel in lowering hormone ranges (or the want to cope with Andropause) starting within thethirties. After thirty, male hormones lower via round 10% every decade, and an higher quantity of hormones can also be misplaced because ofincreased rigidity ranges, deficient nutrition, deficient sleep and over the top alcohol consumption.

Low Testosterone

Low testosterone can happen at any level right through a person’s lifestyles. It indicates the start of decline for testosterone in addition to different inter-related hormones.


Andropause is the segment right through which males revel in probably the most drastic decline in hormone manufacturing. It most often happens right through a person’s past due forties or fifties. All the way through Andropause, a number of male hormones can decline, which would possibly come with testosterone, DHEA, human expansion hormone, pregnenolone, insulin, and melatonin.


  • Erectile Disorder
  • Evening Sweats in Males
  • Low Libido or Intercourse Force
  • Expansion of Breast Tissue
  • Scorching Flashes
  • Muscle Loss
  • Despair
  • Weight Achieve
  • Urinary Issues
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Irritability
  • Hair Loss
  • Fatigue

Testosterone Injections

Most normal Docs consider that merely giving testosterone injections addresses the issue. However East West digs deeper to show the underlying reason for the foundation factor that you’re experiencing. Frequently instances, years of persistent rigidity, deficient urge for food, loss of sleep and burning the candle at each ends; leads to an unbelievable pathophysiology inflicting a deep imbalance of male hormones. Those imbalances would possibly first get started as digestion or abdomen issues, loss of sleep, lower in stamina and motivation, and building up in belly weight achieve.  We can assist males resolve those medical imbalances and prescribe the precise bio-identical hormone (testosterone) alternative remedy if wanted. The individualized Andropause remedy systems are designed to assist males building up their high quality of lifestyles and reach the most efficient degree of well being and wellness.

East West’s Unique Approach

Whilst maximum different Physician’s merely prescribe in line with lab paintings,We totally examines your lab values whilst the usage of detailed and custom designed questionnaires to check your clinical historical past whilst listening on your considerations. East West believes that treating the entire frame, versus simply signs, is necessary to therapeutic the frame. Nature and nurture are each important to carry steadiness from the interior out.

**We paintings most effective with extremely authorized American based totally compounding laboratories to formulate the bio-identical hormones for every affected person.

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