There’s nothing more rewarding than having beautiful, lively skin. However, as we get older, our skin naturally begins to sag, and it loses its volume. While this can be devastating for some, the good news is that there are options. Dermal fillers in Coconut Creek are some of the most highly sought-after solutions. Not only do they look incredibly natural, but they’re also filled with natural ingredients. In this article, we’ll look at the many benefits of fillers and what they’re made of. This way, you can be better informed before scheduling your first consultation appointment with East West Physicians. Keep reading to learn more! 

What are Dermal Fillers in Coconut Creek? 

One of the reasons that dermal fillers are so desirable is because they’re filled with hyaluronic acid. This substance is something that our skin naturally produces. As we age, our production of hyaluronic acid begins to fade. With fillers, you can get a fresh dose! The acid binds to water, which makes it cling to the injection sites. It volumizes the skin, creating a healthier and younger glow. Now that we know a little bit about what’s included in fillers, let’s learn about what they can do for you! 

  1. No Downtime

One of the largest advantages of dermal fillers is that there’s little to no downtime.  While traditional procedures came with plenty of recovery time, new technology has made it possible for individuals to have appointments in between their lunch breaks! Some people can have treatments done within ten minutes, depending on how significant their requests. Additionally, the results are immediate. Where some plastic surgery procedures ad surgeries come with bruising, swelling, and long-term healing, dermal fillers are immediate. Instantly, you’ll begin to see the effects. There are also little side effects. You may notice small amounts of swelling or redness, which can all be covered by a bit of makeup. 

  1. Long-Lasting 

Another incredible benefit of dermal fillers is that the injected solution lasts a long time. This means that you’ll not need to have a second appointment unless it is a follow-up appointment for the doctor to check their work, as well as your satisfaction. With long-lasting results, you’ll enjoy them long after you have your initial meeting! You can enjoy looking youthful, radiant, and beautiful for months to years, and can always go for a touch-up appointment in six-month windows. Traditionally, it’s recommended that patients maintain their fillers, doing small check-ups here and there. 

  1. The Skin Benefits 

The wonderful advantage of dermal fillers is that they’re full of natural elements. As mentioned above, hyaluronic acid is the main ingredient in fillers, which is natural to the body. Therefore, when they’re injected, they feel normal underneath the layers of the skin. Not only does this give you a natural look, but it also feels natural to the touch. 

  1. Oh, So Subtle 

There are some plastic surgery options out there that can be drastic. Overnight, a person can change their appearance. Fillers, on the other hand, are a more subtle approach. Instead of going for far-reaching changes, people can enjoy knowing that they’re simply boosting an element in the facial region. An excellent plastic surgeon will ensure that they put small amounts in so that you’re sure to be happy with your results.

  1. Boost Confidence

Last, but not least, having dermal fillers can significantly boost your self-confidence. Nobody likes feeling like their facial region is losing plumpness. Nobody likes feeling like they’re getting older, especially if they don’t feel that way internally. Fortunately, with dermal fillers, clients can look younger, feel younger, and enjoy their freshly rejuvenated skin. You’ll be radiantly glowing! 

If you’re looking for a location specializing in dermal fillers in Coconut Creek, contact the team at East West Physicians today at 954-475-6875. We know that cosmetic procedures can be scary, especially if this is your first one. However, we assure you that with our professional customer care and seasoned skillset, we’re here to give you a minimal, natural adjustment that will make a difference, and make you smile. We can’t wait to help you feel even better in your skin! 

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