Making a good first impression is vital to developing a meaningful relationship. Whether it’s making a new friend, a romantic encounter, or a job interview; it pays to make a good first impression. Many people believe their physique plays a significant role in their first impressions with other individuals. However, some people struggle to lose weight and feel that without some sort of weight loss, their first impressions suffer. At East-West Physicians, we promote body positivity: anybody with a body deserves to be celebrated. Although you should love your body as it is, we understand that sometimes you want to achieve a weight loss or physique goal that you’ve had for quite some time. This reason is why East West Physicians offers Medical Weight Loss for those in Coconut Creek!

Can I Trust the Professionals at East-West Physicians?

If you have reached a point where it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to lose weight on your own, then medical weight loss may be right for you! You can train, diet, and be an active individual, and still not see any weight loss progress. Why continue to put yourself through that struggle when there are safe, medical alternatives available? East-West Physicians understands there are those out there who are either skeptical or afraid of anything involving surgery. However, with the team at East West Physicians makes sure to make your experience as painless as possible. After all, you are being treated by some of the most qualified and experienced medical professionals in the state, and dare we say in the country. Don’t let a fear of surgery stop you from living your best life! Set up an appointment with East West Physicians, where you’re in caring, attentive hands. Our professionals at East-West Physicians will walk you through the procedure beforehand and be right by your side the entire way through. We know that this is an important, life-changing step you are taking, and we want you to know you can trust our team to have your back throughout every step of the process. 

By choosing East West Physicians for your Medical Weight Loss procedure, you’re choosing the best of the best. At East-West Physicians, we want to make sure you get to live the rest of your life as the best version of yourself you can be! If you’re still unconvinced, you can find some valuable information regarding all the procedures available at our medical facility on our website today. If you have realized that you need to lose weight but are struggling to do so on your own, speaking with a professional about medical weight loss in Coconut Creek may be a great thing for you!

East-West Physicians’ Weight Loss and Energy Programs

The professionals at East-West Physicians have designed weight loss and energy programs that help clients not only lose stubborn fat but keep that fat off. At East-West Physicians, we treat each client as an individual, since no two people are alike. Each lifestyle program designed by East-West Physicians is specifically crafted for each patient, so your program will be unique to you! Patients also have found to lose additional weight by optimizing their Micronutrients such as Vitamin D3. Micronutrients like the Lipotropic shot helps your body metabolize fat. Hormones such as Thyroid, Estrogen, or Testosterone are unbalanced, which may limit how much weight you can lose. East-West Physicians does lab tests in our office, so you know the tests are done by professionals and will be used to help make your program even more specific to you. Some weight loss and energy programs that we use for our patients include:

  • Lipotropic plus B12
  • HCG Diet
  • Medical Weight Loss
  • Keto Programs

If you’re interested in Medical Weight Loss or Weight Loss and Energy Programs in Coconut Creek, then look no further than East-West Physicians! Conveniently located on 4651 N SR 7 #9 in Coconut Creek, we have been happily serving hundreds of people for years! If you’re interested in Medical Weight Loss or a Weight Loss and Energy Program, schedule an appointment to speak to one of our doctors today by calling our office at 954-255-9355. We look forward to meeting you!

Medical Weight Loss Coconut Creek

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