Should you consider a butt lift? Are you even a good candidate? Is it safe?

These are the kinds of questions, and many more, that we are prepared to answer here at the East West Physicians medical wellness office in Coconut Creek. Our team of certified doctors and clinicians are eager to walk you through any doubts or uncertainties you may have.

#1 Question: What is it?

Good question. A Brazilian Butt Lift is a specialized procedure wherein fat is harvested from one or more part(s) of the body. It is then purified before being deposited back into the body, specifically in the upper buttocks region to increase volume and improve shape.

Does it really come from Brazil?

Yes, as a matter of fact. Plastic surgery is a significant industry in Brazil. They have more plastic surgeons per capita than the United States (but we do recommend you stay closer to Coconut Creek for a variety of reasons). The procedure is credited to have been invented by Dr. Ivo Pitanguy. He was something of a celebrity in his native Brazil, where he owned an island which he used to perform cosmetic surgeries. He died in 2016, at 93 years of age, after carrying the Olympic torch through Rio de Janeiro. 

Is there a difference between this and implants?

Quite a bit. Often, a Brazilian Butt Lift is sought out at East West Physicians specifically because it increases the buttock size without implants. That is not to say implants are not a good solution for some people. If someone is particularly lean, for example, they may not have enough fat to harvest. Most of us do not have that particular problem, however, buttock implants may be a good option in such circumstances. That said, buttock implants can look and feel considerably less natural compared to an expertly executed Brazilian Butt Lift.

What makes a good candidate?

Obviously, certain patients are better suited to the procedure. It helps to have a good skin tone in the hips and buttocks and to have an adequate amount of fat stored in other areas (like the back or the waist). You are also going to have to be willing to avoid sitting down for more than a bathroom break for several weeks.

So why do it?

Because everyone should have the chance to be their most ideal self. People do not have a say over the size and shape of the rear end genetics gives them. The social preference is attractive, well-proportioned bodies, and that includes a high and tight butt, let’s be honest. The trained specialists at East West Physicians can transfer fat from a less desirable region of the body and create a fuller, rounder buttock contour, as they say in the dressing rooms of fancy cotillions.

Brazilian Butt Lifts are known to last for several years. Fat cells, once forcibly removed, do not tend to come back. While fat cells that are accepted after the transfer will remain in place for quite some time. Clothes fit better. Proportions feel better. When you partner with East West Physicians in Coconut Creek, you can expect a rewarding experience with lasting results.

What is recovery like?

Not a lot of pain, but some challenges at times. There will be a couple of weeks where you will have to sleep on your stomach or your side. You will have to lie like that or stand for everything except using the facilities. You will graduate from that to sitting on a pillow or “donut,” before resuming normalcy at about 8 weeks or so. So, while pain is typically nominal, some modifications will be necessary, especially for the first two weeks.

Bottom line?

East West Physicians bring Brazilian Butt Lifts to Coconut Creek as part of our dedicated effort to helping our clients look and feel their best. If you feel out of proportion and it has a negative impact on how you see yourself, we are just a phone call away (954)-255-9355.

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